TUBAN – Super Slime DIY Kit – Diamonds

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  • 100ml PVA glue
  • 100ml of activator
  • 1.5g “diamonds”
  • A spatula for mixing the ingredients
  • A container
  • Pour the fragrant PVA glue into the container
  • Add add Diamonds to it and mix the ingredients thoroughly together
  • Slowly add the activator to your mass. Mix the Slime until it starts to separate from the container
  • Knead Slime to a perfect consistency. If it still sticks to your hands, add a bit more activator
  • Your Slime is ready!
    • Remember that Slime will keep its properties for a longer time and will not dry out if you put it in a locked container.

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Do It Yourself kit will allow you to create Diamond Slime. Ready-made Slime is perfect as a sensory toy.
Remember to hide Slime in a closed container, so that it does not dry out and retains its properties for longer.
The components included in the kit have been tested and have all necessary safety certificates. Made in Europe.


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