145 Pcs Deluxe Artist Painting Set with French Easel

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This painting set includes everything you need to immerse yourself into the art world! And you can try a bit of everything before committing to one type of media.
This Full-size French Easel, which is an ideal all-purpose easel that offers all the features a new artist needs. It is very sturdy, easy to use and adjust. No need to pull out the screwdriver, it’s fully assembled and made of Solid Beech Wood, which will last for many years if looked after.

1pc French Style Sketchbox Easel
24pcs×ml Watercolor Paint Tubes
48pcs×ml Acrylic Paint Tubes
24pcs×ml Oil Paint Tubes
1pc Acrylic Painting Pad
2pcs ”×” Stretched Canvas
6pcs ”×” Canvas Panels
1pc Wood Paint Palette
1pc Plastic Paint Palette
10pcs Acrylic Paint Brushes
10pcs Watercolor Paint Brushes
10pcs Oil Paint Brushes
6pcs Plastic Palette Knives
1pc Color Mixing Wheel

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