2 Drawer Artist Supply Storage Box

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Made of high quality beech wood, the artist storage supply box with finger-joint structure is sturdy enough to store your art tools. Stylish and textured color of walnut will blend into your home studio amazingly and let it full of artistic breath and aesthetic feeling.

Intention to create a first-class art wood box, we focus on details, match with metal handle, exquisite and durable. The inner and external surface are all hand-sanded without burrs or sharp edge, pay attention to the good appearance, but also to the inner details.

Do not want to carry the whole box? All our drawer of the box are removable, slide in and out nicely, you could use them alone depends on your workplace, convenient access to get replace the material. In addition, the removable drawers make the clean more easily.

Besides a organizer, the wood art storage box could also be a drawing board, furniture decoration. And multiple boxes can be stacked on top of each other for more space, optimize creation space in your home art studio quickly and simply.

40 x 25 x 7.8cm LWH, this wooden art box with drawers is easy to collect art supplies, simple and clear for artist and painter who want to store art tools like pastels, brushes, pens, pencils, blending tools, small accessories and more.

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