TUBAN – Soap Bubble Ring + 400ml Solution Set

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  • Pour the liquid into the bowl / container
  • Immerse the ring in Tuban’s liquid for large bubbles
  • A bubble sheet should appear on the rim – if you can see it, you can start making bubbles with a gentle hand movement
  • You can also just blow into it
  • Have fun!


  • Set includes
  • 1 x Ring Wand
  • 1 x 400ml Bubble Solution

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If you want to give your children active entertainment in the open air – this is for you. When it is about soap bubbles, Tuban are the real experts. The bubble making ring is small enough that even a small child can handle it, and big enough to create bubble tunnels without any problem. Use it and see what happens.
The ring is one of the main accessories in the bubble lab. In combination with the liquid – it is second to none.


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